After years of research on what aircraft to buy for a backcountry / family airplane, I stumbled across my dream airplane. One I didn’t even know existed. It’s a Cessna clone in the experimental category.  
My plane is called the Super Cyclone 185, now named and further improved by Bushliner and known as The Bushliner Cyclone 1850.

I am amazed every time I fly. In my opinion it is the best backcountry all around airplane on the market. It’s essentially a 4 place super cub on steroids. I can haul 4 large people comfortably, 80 gallons of fuel, and 300 lbs of luggage. I can fly fast or slow. I have never taken over 800’ of runway fully loaded even with poor conditions. These long wings love to fly. 

One of my favorite attributes is it’s in new condition. It’s not a 50 + year old airplane, but yet it has the straight tail, extended wing and all the backcountry mods that make a bush plane even better.

-Travis S. Super Cyclone owner.