At Bushliner, we have a deep understanding of the aviation industry, and our team consists of passionate individuals who have worked with renowned companies like Cessna and Boeing. Drawing on our expertise and rich experience, we have created the Bushliner 1850 as a tribute to the heritage of classic taildraggers while incorporating modern advancements in aircraft technology and safety.
For many years, our expertise was devoted to the restoration of legacy aircraft. While this endeavor was celebrated for its dedication, it increasingly encountered insurmountable challenges, including the scarcity of parts, the deteriorating condition of these vintage aircraft, and the ever-evolving FAA restrictions. These challenges signaled the need for a significant transformation. In response, we embarked on a visionary journey to produce entirely new aircraft, drawing inspiration from the St-Just 'Cyclone 180,' an aircraft cloned from the venerable Cessna 185 introduced in 1992. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St-Just_Cyclone

In 2021, Bushliner acquired the manufacturing rights to the Cyclone 180, establishing the foundation for a new era.
Bushliner provides the following services:
  • Custom aircraft manufacturing
  • Aircraft interior design consulting services
  • Aircraft engineering design
  • New product design in the field of aviation
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