Is this a new airplane or an old Cessna that was restored?

The Bushliner 1850 Cycone is 100% new and is produced using brand new tooling and parts.

Are the parts interchangeable with Cessna?

No. The legacy aircraft have a very loose tolerance and the 1850 is precisely produced, therefore the airframe parts are not interchangeable, however to give you a sense of similarity, the landing gear and firewall forward packages will physically fit.

Do you offer plans or slow build kits?

No. If you would like a kit, the 1850EX comes as a complete airframe with your choice of options either provided by us, or you can obtain STC'd kits for the A185F such as the Continental IO-550 engine kit.

Bushliner does not guarantee compatibility.

Do you offer financing?

Yes- on the 1850FX. On the 1850EX we can not offer financing.

How does insurance work?

Similar to the Cessna A185F and depends on several factors and pilot experience.

Can I send you parts to install on my 1850?

For our factory built program you may not provide any parts, however if you order an 1850EX kit you may install parts at your own discretion.

How many Cyclones were built?

As of 2021 at least 75 Cyclones have been produced.

What is the difference in the Cyclone 180, Super Cyclone 185 and Cyclone 1850?

The Cyclone 180 was a replica of the early model 180 with a longer wingspan, while the Super Cyclone 185 was an evolution on this design.

The Bushliner 1850 Cyclone is only produced by Bushliner and features the larger cargo door, wider cockpit and other upgrades.

The model name was changed to reflect a ten-fold increase in quality while simultaneously acknowledging the similarities to the Skywagon 185, while establishing a new model number.

Will you sell me wings or parts for my aircraft?

Not at this time, we currently reserve our inventory for full production.

What if I place an order and need to cancel/ can I sell my position?

We will do our best to move someone else into your position and refund your deposit, however this is not guaranteed.

You may not sell your position however if you have someone who would like to take your position we can consider them at that time.

What if I reserve a serial number several years out and want to be moved up?

We proceed in production order however if you express your interest we can put you on standby for an earlier position should one come available.

Still have questions?

We're happy to answer any further questions you might have. Get in touch.