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Bushliner Cyclone 1850EX Homebuilt Experimental

Homebuilt Kit
  • Complete in 1,000-1,500 hours
  • Discounts available on orders of two or more.
  • Aircraft is approximately 49% complete.
New wide-body fuselage made of 2024t3 clad aluminum
  • Heavy-duty gearboxes and seaplane kit installed.
  • Skins primed prior to assembly
  • Upward opening cabin doors and a 30” x 48” wide cargo door.
  • Extra large 10’ long cargo bay with a flat floor and tie downs.
  • JAARS S-Frame inertia Absorbing Pilot and second row seats rated for up to 30G of impact.
  • Solar-Gray UV-protected windshield.
  • Dual yokes and rudder pedals.
  • Extended 10’ baggage area
  • 2-6 seating capacity
  • Classic lines with modern performance
Extended Wings with aerodynamic enhancements
  • Wingspan totaling 38’6” including a 1’ extension inboard of the strut.
  • 140-gallon total fuel capacity.
  • Sportsman STOL and Vortex Generators included.
  • Provisions for landing lights in both wing leading edges.
  • Carbon Fiber flaps and ailerons.
  • Manual 40º of flaps.
  • All controls and hardware.
Carbon Fiber tail
  • Carbon Fiber tail and rudder/ elevator control surfaces.
  • Increased horizontal stabilizer width by 2’ to 13’ total.
  • Trimmable horizontal stab using McFarlane Jack screws.
  • Electric horizontal stab pitch trim coupled to the Garmin GFC500 autopilot.
  • Elevator pitch control and yaw damper when coupled to the Garmin GFC500 autopilot.
  • All controls and hardware.
  • Autopilot & pitch trim servo required and not included.
Buyers have the option to include additional features such as the engine and avionics package for additional cost, or provide their own.
1850EX payment schedule:
  • $30,000 Down payment (Position Deposit)
  • $139,000 One year prior (Plus options if any)
  • $139,000 On pickup/delivery

Bushliner Cyclone 1850FX Factory Experimental

The 1850FX includes the airframe described in the 1850EX section, plus equipment listed below, professional finishing, participation in our two week Factory Amateur Built (FAB) Program, and a V-REF value guarantee.
Factory Amateur Built Program (FAB) Program
  • Two one-week visits to Granite Falls, WA (WA25) facility to meet 51% requirement.
  • Fab Visit 1 (Pre-Paint): Riveting of fuselage (floor), Install wings leading edge, wing tips, wiring harnesses, Install engine, exhaust, baffles, etc., Fabricate/design instrument panel.
  • Fab Visit 2 (After Paint): Install seats and upholstery, install engine, install wings, hang engine on airframe, install instrument panel, avionics harness, landing gear, rig tail and flight controls, install cowling.
315-350 Horsepower Lycoming IO-580
  • Engine Package: Lycoming IO-580 with electronic ignition. (Options: Supercharger & Ly-Con tune available)
MT Propeller
  • MT 3 Blade Expedition Propeller, or choice of added reverse option or four blade propeller upgrade.
AeroLED Lighting Package
AeroLED’s including NSP, Quasar wingtips and landing lights in both wing leading edges with pulse feature.
Landing Gear
  • Titanium main & tail (Options: Other options and floats available)
  • Wheels and Brakes: Beringer (Choice of color)
  • Tires: 29” Alaskan Bushwheels with extra tread (Options available)
  • Tailwheel: 10” (Options available)
Garmin Avionics Packages
  • Garmin IFR NAV 1 (Other options available)
  • PFD/MFD: G3X
  • NAV/COM/GPS 1: GTN 750XI (Option to add an additional 650XI or 750XI)
  • Autopilot: GMC 507 Pitch, Roll, yaw damper, electric trim & Smart Glide
  • XPNDR: GTX 45R
  • Engine Monitor
  • 2 USB Ports
  • CIES Fuel Senders
  • ELT: Artex ELT 1,000 USA
  • MT 3 Blade Expedition Propeller, or choice of added reverse option or four blade propeller upgrade.
1,000 NM of range
1850FX Payment Schedule
  • $125,000 Down payment (Position Deposit, Quarter/Year)
  • $593,013 One year prior to the delivery window
  • $125,000 On delivery/Receipt of airworthiness
  • Financing available upon request.
Example configuration price as $843,013

path to ownership

Reservation Payment: $500

Reserve your delivery position.
Position Deposit $30,000 EX or $125,000 FX

Due within 10 days of placing your reservation.
Fabrication Payment

Due 12 months prior to your delivery window (Financing Available).
Delivery Payment

Due upon delivery of your Cyclone 1850.


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