Meet the Team

Kyle Fosso


Kyle’s Bio

Kyle Fosso’s expertise as an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic, coupled with his extensive knowledge of Cessna aircraft, brings immense value to the organization. His proficiency in product development and assembly methods is crucial in ensuring the highest quality standards during the manufacturing process. Kyle’s reputation as a Cessna expert and his track record of being sought after for consultation by various companies and customers highlight his deep understanding of aircraft repairs and product development in the Bushliner product line.

With his extensive experience in the industry, Kyle can provide invaluable insights into optimizing aircraft performance, improving maintenance processes, and enhancing overall product quality. His ability to troubleshoot complex issues and develop innovative solutions is highly sought after by customers and companies alike. Kyle’s involvement in the organization will contribute to the delivery of top-notch products, streamlined assembly methods, and efficient repairs for Cessna aircraft.

As the company continues to grow and expand its market presence, Kyle’s expertise will play a vital role in meeting customer expectations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and driving continuous improvement in the manufacturing and maintenance of Cessna aircraft. His knowledge and reputation within the industry will further strengthen the company’s position as a trusted and reliable provider of Cessna aircraft solutions.

Francisco J Guadamuz (Sisco)

Operations Manager

Francisco’s Bio

Francisco J Guadamuz, commonly known as Sisco, brings a wealth of expertise and experience to his role as Partner/Director of Operations at Aircraft Remanufacturing Co, Inc. Francisco’s leadership is instrumental in overseeing all manufacturing aspects of FAA-related certification projects, including STC (Supplemental Type Certificate), PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval), and implementing Lean Manufacturing and Business Practices within the organization.

With a bachelor’s degree in Business/Project Management and his commendable service of 5.5 years in the United States Marine Corps as a heavy equipment operator, Francisco possesses a strong foundation in project management and a disciplined approach to operations. His service in the Middle East following the events of September 11, 2001, highlights his commitment to duty and outstanding achievements, earning him the Navy Achievement Award for his exceptional rescue operations and recovery efforts.

Building on his military experience, Francisco transitioned into the aircraft industry, honing his skills as an aircraft mechanic at prestigious companies such as Boeing, Aviation Technical Services, and Waypoint Aeronautical. Throughout his 12-year tenure, he worked on various Boeing aircraft models, including the 747, 777, 737, and 767, demonstrating his expertise in both new aircraft assembly and repair work. Francisco’s involvement in the EMO team, responsible for replacing the outer fuselage shell of the Southwest Airlines 737 fleet, showcases his ability to tackle complex projects with precision and efficiency.

As Francisco progressed in his career, he assumed the role of production manager, overseeing the development and production of a palletized spray kit system for a Boeing 737-400 cargo jet. This extensive research and development endeavor, involving FAA/EASA STC, took 5.5 years and a budget of $13.5 million to complete. Francisco’s exemplary management skills ensured the successful delivery of the spray kit system to the customer in February 2018.

With his comprehensive background, including business/project management education and an accomplished career in the aviation industry, Francisco J Guadamuz is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to tackle any project that comes his way. His leadership at Bushliner Aircraft drives the company’s commitment to excellence in manufacturing and adherence to rigorous FAA regulations, ensuring the delivery of high-quality aircraft solutions to customers.

Samantha Sky Hagan

Executive Director

Samantha’s Bio

With her diverse expertise and experience, Samantha brings a valuable skill set to the organization. Her proficiency in team leadership, retail management, accounting, supply chain management, customer relations, and CRM will play a crucial role in driving the success of the business. Samantha’s ability to effectively manage teams, optimize operations, and foster strong customer relationships will contribute to the overall growth and profitability of the company. Her strategic insights and experience in various business areas will be instrumental in achieving the goals outlined in the five-year business plan. With Samantha’s leadership, the organization is well-positioned for success in an ever-evolving market.

Korey Stafford

(844) 220-6092

Korey’s Bio

A Visionary Leader and Aviation Expert

Meet Korey, the CEO of Echelon Flight Support and Co-Host of Pilot in Real Life. With an extensive background in aviation, Korey brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His passion for aviation extends far beyond his 14,000 hours as an airline pilot for a major international carrier and his previous role as a Flight Test Pilot.

Korey’s qualifications and expertise include:

  1. Airline Pilot: With his vast experience as an airline pilot, Korey has honed his skills in commercial aviation, operating flights for a major international carrier. His extensive flight hours and exposure to various operational aspects contribute to his deep understanding of the aviation industry.
  2. Flight Test Pilot: As a former Flight Test Pilot, Korey possesses a unique perspective on aircraft performance, safety, and handling characteristics. This expertise allows him to evaluate and provide valuable insights into the development and testing of new aircraft or modifications.
  3. A&P (Airframe and Powerplant): Korey’s knowledge extends to aircraft maintenance as an A&P certified professional. This qualification enables him to understand the intricate workings of aircraft systems and contributes to his holistic understanding of aviation operations.
  4. ATP (Airline Transport Pilot): Holding an ATP certification demonstrates Korey’s mastery of advanced flying skills, knowledge, and judgment required for high-level aviation operations. This certification is the pinnacle of pilot qualifications, highlighting Korey’s commitment to excellence and safety.
  5. Certified Flight Instructor: As a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Korey has the ability to share his expertise and mentor aspiring pilots. His skills as an instructor make him an invaluable resource for those seeking guidance and advice on their aviation journey.
  6. World Speed Record Holder: Korey’s exceptional achievements include holding a world speed record. This accomplishment showcases his dedication, skill, and ability to push the boundaries of aviation performance.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Korey’s personal aviation pursuits include operating a Pitts S2B for competition aerobatics. This involvement in high-performance aerobatics further enhances his understanding of aircraft dynamics and maneuvering.

With his vast knowledge and experience, Korey is an invaluable resource for aviators and aircraft owners worldwide. Whether you have questions about aviation operations, aircraft maintenance, flight training, or any other aspect of flying, Korey’s expertise positions him as the go-to person in the industry. Contact Korey for unparalleled insights and guidance in the world of aviation.

Michael Wright

(720) 201-1762 

Michael’s Bio

Passionate Supporter and Advocate for Aviators

Meet Michael, the Global Director of Echelon Flight Support and a dedicated aviation enthusiast. With a strong commitment to providing excellent service to pilot-owners, Michael plays a vital role in supporting their needs and ensuring their satisfaction. Additionally, he serves as the Executive Producer and Co-Host for the popular podcast and blog called Pilot in Real Life, where he shares his passion for aviation with a global audience.

Key aspects of Michael’s aviation journey include:

  1. Private Pilot and Instrument Rating: Michael holds a private pilot license and has obtained an instrument rating, demonstrating his dedication to developing his piloting skills and knowledge. These qualifications allow him to operate aircraft under instrument flight rules, further enhancing his abilities as a pilot.
  2. Commercial License and CFI Rating: Recognizing his love for aviation, Michael is currently working towards completing a Commercial License and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Rating. These pursuits highlight his desire to reach new levels of proficiency and share his knowledge and skills with aspiring pilots through flight instruction.
  3. Passion for Aviation: Michael’s commitment to aviation extends beyond his professional roles. He is deeply passionate about stirring aviators to higher levels of passion, performance, precision, and proficiency. His enthusiasm for the industry and dedication to promoting excellence make him a valuable resource for aviators seeking motivation and guidance.
  4. Gospel in Real Life: Michael is not only involved in the aviation world but also serves as the founder, producer, and president of the blog and podcast called Gospel in Real Life (GRL). This platform reaches a wide audience in 72 countries around the globe, allowing Michael to share his perspectives and insights on various topics with a focus on the intersection of faith and everyday life.

With his unique combination of aviation expertise, commitment to service, and his passion for inspiring others, Michael brings a well-rounded approach to his role as Global Director of Echelon Flight Support. His dedication to supporting pilot-owners, pursuing further certifications, and sharing his experiences through media platforms like Pilot in Real Life and Gospel in Real Life make him a valuable asset to the aviation community.

Whether you need assistance with flight support, advice on pilot-owner concerns, or inspiration to take your aviation journey to new heights, Michael’s genuine dedication and wealth of experience make him an excellent resource to connect with.